What area of Oklahoma do the Centers serve?

REI MBC serves Native American and minority business owners throughout the state of Oklahoma.

Do the Centers issue grants?

No, the Centers do not issue any type of grants. The Centers are operated by REI Oklahoma. Any questions about grant opportunities should be referred to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

What types of industries do the Centers work with?

Any firm in any industry can seek assistance from REI MBC.

How can I get certified as a minority?

There are several certifications that may be available for your firm. Our staff can advise you based on your company’s particular situation. Please call us at 800.658.2823.

How do I access the Dodge Report?

The Centers monitor the Dodge Report for clients and send notifications to clients based on their profile. Clients can also receive the Dodge Report directly as an account holder under our subscription at a reduced rate.

How can I get a loan?

The Centers do not have lending programs. They utilize the services of REI Oklahoma and will connect you with a Loan Officer. Visit www.reibusinesslending.org for available lending programs offered by the organization.

I am a Native American and think I want to start my own business. Where do I begin?

With REI MBC you can receive one-on-one business consulting as well as attend business workshops held through REI Women’s Business Center. You will receive information on how to structure your business; what licenses and permits are needed and where these can be obtained; how to obtain a sales tax permit if one is needed; what is included in a business plan and assistance in writing one; what sources of financing are available for a small business and what should be done before approaching a lender; and what is involved in marketing your business. At these workshops there is the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and learn how they approached starting their business and pitfalls they encountered and overcame.

I have an existing business. What help can I expect from REI Minority Business Centers?

Even if a business has been in existence for a few years or even several years, there are things to be gained from the seminars and workshops we offer. There have been entrepreneurs at workshops who listen to a topic and get new ideas or new motivation for doing something in a different way. There are workshops on QuickBooks®, e-commerce and social media, and employee issues that are appropriate for existing businesses. Additionally, there is always the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and learn from each other.

Is there a national certification for a “Native-Owned Business” and if so, how do I get certified?

There are several certifications that could be available for your Native-owned company. We offer one-on-one business consulting to help advise you based on your company’s specific situation and needs. REI MBC staff is available to answer any questions you should have about certifications. Please give us a call at 800.658.2823.

Is there a fee for REI MBC services?

Most services provided by REI MBC are free. Additionally, REI MBC offers assistance at no-cost for businesses seeking 8(a) certification with the federal government.  For more information on the 8(a) certification process, please contact us at 800.658.2823.

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